Microbac Laboratories

The Microbac Laboratories headquarters is an interior renovation within an existing 1950s office building. The design focused on developing spaces to support both the visitor and employee experience.

Modeled for a company positioned for growth, the office program was planned with efficiency built in and designed to accommodate visiting laboratory leadership and staff, as well as the various corporate functions that will serve Microbac’s corporate headquarters both now and in the future with space to expand.

Pittsburgh, PA


Interior Design
Building Systems Engineering
Security Risk Management
Planning + Project Services

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Our Approach

Working closely with company executives and staff members through programming exercises, AE Works developed organizational design standards to support both the corporate headquarters relocation and anticipated long-term national growth. The final design reflects the Microbac Laboratories values and brand in the built environment.

Inspiring staff as they work and visitors with the history of the brand that spans over 50 years, the design shares the company story of growth, innovation, and industry leadership. Coming at an important time in the company’s development, the design vision fosters a culture of transparency, teamwork and staff wellness.

“The WOW factor of the project is that it integrates Pittsburgh and the history of the company”

- AIA Pittsburgh, Design Awards, People’s Choice Feedback


A clean and contemporary style incorporates nature-inspired elements through living walls and bold tones to share a commitment to employee wellness as well as a connection to modern design and culture as found in Nova Place in the historic North Side of Pittsburgh where the headquarters is located. Daylighting, open sight lines and amenities convey the importance of the employee and visitor experience. A central bulkhead above the office core expands and contracts as it navigates between circulation and shared spaces. Diverse areas, including open desks, privacy booths, conference rooms and lounge, promote collaboration or allow focused work.

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