National Institutes of Health

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) spearheads important discoveries that advance healthcare and save lives. NIH innovations have led to the development of the MRI, deeper understanding of cancer, insights into neurological diseases and recent development of a COVID-19 vaccine, among many other breakthroughs.

With constant evolution in research, the maintenance, renovation and construction of buildings is central to NIH’s mission. Under an ongoing contract, AE Works has supported NIH with building projects throughout their main Bethesda, MD campus. Projects span highly specialized laboratories, critical building infrastructure, and Executive Offices for the Assistant Surgeon General in addition to offices for several Institutes.

National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD

Work in 10 buildings

Interior Design
Building Systems Engineering
Security Risk Management

Year / Status
2019 - present
Design and construction phases

Our Approach

Integrating modern laboratories, healthcare space and offices into 60 year-old buildings is driven by creative solutions that work in concert with unique existing conditions. AE Works deploys multi-disciplinary teams equipped with the latest technology to complete streamlined assessments of existing spaces. From logical phased construction plans and addressing structural and environmental concerns, our team applies deep expertise with renovations to realize how open, collaborative offices and modular, flexible laboratories can fit and thrive in existing spaces.


AE Works has partnered with NIH to reimagine existing facilities to achieve new missions. Transforming support spaces into new laboratories and opening up long, linear spaces to create modern workspaces fueled by technology and collaboration are just a few examples of the impact of building projects.

Continuous operation and system reliability is powered by engineering solutions focused on precision and practicality. Incorporating modularity and sustainable practices, laboratory design delivers maximum flexibility and efficiency to enable the next discovery.

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