Workplace of the Future + Office Tower Modernization

Re-imagining workplaces post-pandemic creates the opportunity for flexible and collaborative offices built to adapt to the changing needs of businesses. 

This project builds on Workplace of the Future Concepts developed by AE Works to modernize a client's existing 14-floor office tower.  The building design solution focuses on providing an open, collaborative work environment in a reduced footprint to support the client in more effectively and efficiently accomplishing its mission.

Washington D.C. Metro Region

209,000 SF

Interior Design
Building Systems Engineering
Security Risk Management
Planning + Project Services

Year / Status
Phased Construction

Our Approach

AE Works first developed several concepts, including a traditional office with private workstations, workstation neighborhoods with common areas, and a primarily open, modern office. These concepts were explored to maximize usable square footage and introduce activity-based work environments to support collaboration. 

To understand how the moving of people could work along with a logical phased construction of 14-floors, an estimate and phasing analysis were provided to support long-term planning of this ongoing pivotal project.


The design of one floor was developed as a prototype, advancing concepts developed during the Workplace Evaluation study. To further maximize space, all private offices were moved off exterior walls as “convertible” offices, which can be used by anyone on the floor when the owner is not occupying it. This shift allows natural light to penetrate further into the space, optimizing the open office work areas.  Additional floor-specific designs were developed to support the unique security and work activities of other groups.

Huddle spaces were also provided throughout the floor for staff to meet without scheduling a conference room. Individual phone booths and focus rooms were strategically placed for dedicated space for private calls and quite areas for focus work. A large lounge space was centrally positioned within each floor for a break spot, or more casual alternative work location.

Redesign and replacement of air handling units serving the office floors was also completed to address post-COVID filtration and ventilation concerns.

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