Surgical Suite Mechanical System Upgrade

Reliable mechanical systems are essential for Cath Lab, PACU, and surgical suite care and operations. This project replaced and improved mechanical systems in critical areas inside the Nashville VA Medical Center.

Nashville, TN

Mechanical System Upgrade

Building Systems Engineering

Year / Status

Essential systems

To fully understand existing conditions and challenges, our team conducted comprehensive site investigations and interviewed VA facility and maintenance staff to develop a complete solution to improve ventilation, indoor air quality, system reliability, patient comfort, and energy efficiency.

The comprehensive documentation of existing conditions led AE Works to develop a solution that addresses existing system challenges and meets the VA's future needs. As part of this solution, two air handling units, laminar flow diffuser arrays, and supporting equipment were replaced in addition to system configurations to maintain required air changes in accordance with VA guidelines and ASHRAE 170.

As a result of meticulously documenting existing conditions, we also were able to fit all the needed equipment into a compact area. We worked closely with system manufacturers to appropriately size the air handling units for the space while meeting critical air flow requirements and navigating challenging space constraints in the mechanical rooms.

Uninterrupted operation

A phasing plan was developed in collaboration with the VA to allow these critical spaces to continue operating during construction.

New ductwork was designed to minimize interruption and maximize value. The project was designed and stayed under the $3.9 million budget through project completion.

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