University of Pittsburgh, Schenley Quad Plaza

In response to student requests for more open space on campus, Schenley Quadrangle was transformed from a service vehicle access point into a pedestrian-friendly plaza where students can study, socialize, and enjoy the outdoors. Our team developed a program to repair structural deterioration of the quad and activate the space for student life.

Pittsburgh, PA

Garage: 24,299 SF / Roof Plaza: 40,504 SF


Year / Status

Historic Renovation to Create an Interactive Public Space

The renovation added trees and grassy areas, benches, cafe tables and chairs, and a raised platform that can function as a stage for performances or ceremonies.

In order to minimize disruption to the surrounding residence halls during construction, our team planned for a phased construction strategy that lowered sound output as well ask kept most of the quad usable at any time. 

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