The Shrinking Federal Defense Industrial Base

October 25, 2023


For much of the last decade, companies working in the federal community have expressed concern over the shrinking Defense Industrial Base and the opportunities for small businesses. According to a recent report, the number of small businesses securing federal prime contracts in fiscal year 2022 experienced a decline of over 50% compared to 2010.*

Recognizing the need for reform, AE Works co-founded the SUCCESS Coalition as a powerful advocate to bring about change with federal contracting for small businesses.

The SUCCESS Coalition is a consortium of small, medium, and large engineering and construction firms, all of which are committed to ensuring the growth and success of small businesses and the revitalization of the shrinking Defense Industrial Base.

Leading a Call to Action

AE Works Chief Client Officer Richard Witt, Jr. serves on the Coalition as a Legislative Lead. He is championing legislation, to be passed by Congress, which will positively impact federal contracts for small businesses across the country. In the coming years, the Coalition aims to make a significant impact on realigning the landscape of federal contracting.

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