International Headquarters Expansion and Renovation

As business expanded, a large international organization needed a headquarters to match their evolving public image and growing space needs. This project goes beyond transforming a dated 1980s building, thoughtfully integrating the organization’s vibrant culture and proud history of delivering building products that shape communities.


80,000-SF renovation (3 floors) and 10,000-SF addition

Interior Design
Building Systems Engineering
Security Risk Management
Planning + Project Services

Year / Status
Complete design and analysis

Our Approach

Prominently positioned on a riverfront and downtown promenade, AE Works set to maximize the client’s budget and thoughtfully expand the building in a way that integrated with the existing community. Multiple massing studies, cladding options and new entrance sequences were explored as part of the design analysis.

AE Works worked closely with executive leadership and the many departments housed in the building to project growth and space needs to meet the demands of global business. Circulation and space planning were structured to support collaboration across the organization while also meeting the varied workspace needs of individual departments.

Central to the design was the opportunity to celebrate and share the organization’s purpose by incorporating the very products they produce into the architectural design. Inspiring staff as they work and visitors with the history of the brand, the design visually shares the company’s craftsmanship and its impact.


Reorienting the building from the riverfront to the street, the design injects transparency and heightens accessibility to a company that is owning its public image. Through the textured materiality of cladding, the addition harmonizes with the existing building, amplifying its presence. Multiple green roofs, exterior balconies and an interior Zen garden further integrate nature into the building and connect it with its surroundings.

An employee focused design seeks to promote collaboration, while maintaining team individuality with dedicated space and a design acumen that speaks to their work.

Cast bronze details and carpet inspired by the sparks of a working foundry, the very elements that have cemented the organization's history, are prominently featured throughout the 4-level space. Incorporating the existing company cultural guide into the design further celebrates the company in a way that is grounded and steadily moving toward the future.

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