Micro Hospital Concept

Micro Hospitals represent the next evolution in healthcare. These compact, community-integrated facilities offer vital medical services on a smaller, more accessible scale. Designed to bring essential healthcare closer to suburban and rural areas, Micro Hospitals are redefining how medical care is delivered locally.



Interior Design
Building Systems Engineering
Planning + Project Services

Year / Status

Evolving healthcare

This project involved the development of conceptual drawings, schematic floor plans, and programmatic cost estimates for a proposed 150,000 square foot facility that will be used as a basis for future Micro Hospitals. 

The AE Works project team developed and provided design for the following departments and support spaces: primary care, urgent care, radiology (x-ray and two ultrasound rooms), inpatient observation unit (10-12 beds), laboratory (without microbiology), physical therapy and prosthetics, two eye exam rooms, respiratory care, Non-Obese Diabetic (NOD) space, engineering (bio-medical, maintenance), Facility Information Technology Services (FITS) / data center, and patient transportation.

With the Micro Hospital supporting various departments and levels of patient care, the following services will require 24/7 operations to support staff and patients: laboratory (without microbiology), Environmental Management Services (EMS), inpatient observation unit, and police/security.

An innovative model

This Micro Hospital concept is just one of the innovative models available to hospitals and has proven to be a viable alternative for providers seeking to offer acute care services in a smaller footprint. Development of this Micro Hospital concept ensures that hospital systems have updated guidance and comprehensive, effective tools for assessing all the opportunities related to operating under an innovative Micro Hospital model.

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