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Energy & Infrastructure

We're solving buildings systems challenges. Our engineers are designing for comfort, reliability, and maximizing performance to support daily activities. We focus on scalability, resilience, and cost-effectiveness while creating adaptable solutions for evolving technological and operational needs.

Our engineers can solve your buildings systems challenges and design for comfort and reliability while maximizing performance.

A technology-focused approach streamlines site investigations and supports development of a design solutions to work with existing conditions.

Our integrated approach with in-house A/E services delivers solutions that meet operational needs, promote aesthetics and enable long-term vision.

Well-thought-out infrastructure design considers future scalability, technological advancements, and resilience to withstand various environmental challenges, contributing to the longevity and adaptability of the building. Integration of smart technologies and sustainable practices enhances the overall performance and environmental impact of the building's infrastructure.

Project Types

Campus-wide designs that prioritize sustainability, technology, reliability, and scalability, ensuring that the campus infrastructure can accommodate future growth while minimizing environmental impact.

Our designs optimize the efficiency and reliability of heating and cooling systems, while incorporating advanced technologies and energy-efficient equipment to enhance overall performance. Strategic planning and integration of state-of-the-art components ensure that these upgrades not only meet current demands but also provide a flexible and sustainable solution for evolving heating and cooling needs in the long term.

To meet the growing demand for seamless and reliable communication, our approach emphasizes bandwidth optimization, security protocols, and adaptability to emerging technologies ensuring that the telecommunications infrastructure is robust, future-proof, and capable of supporting diverse communication needs.

Project Experience


  • Campus and Site Infrastructure
  • Energy Management
  • Infrastructure Optimization
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Telecommunications Engineering

News & Insights

“AE Works Named Top Mid-Atlantic Design Firm by Engineering News Record (ENR) Seven Years in a Row! ”

- ENR 2017-2023

PA Turnpike Recognized with an Architectural Engineering Institute Merit Award

The AEI Professional Project Awards recognized the PA Turnpike Commission, Maintenance Complex for outstanding achievements in high performance design including structural, mechanical, electrical and lighting systems as well as architectural engineering integration. 

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