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Science & Technology

Offering a single-source solution to solve our client’s science and technology project challenges, AE Works leverages the power of diversity and collaboration to add value throughout a project life cycle and deliver results. Our science and technology experience spans new construction, fit-outs, renovations, and development of facility standards. 

Our team started working on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) campus in 2019. Today, we continue to be a lead collaborator in setting the standards of excellence for laboratory and research spaces across the country. We are also working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in several locations, providing studies, infrastructure engineering, and lab renovations.

Our extensive design expertise spans the spectrum of biomedical research, clinical laboratories, and environmental testing, showcasing our versatility in creating solutions tailored to diverse scientific environments.

Our proficiency in renovations lies in seamlessly transforming existing spaces to accommodate modular and flexible laboratories, ensuring optimal functionality and adaptability for evolving scientific needs.

We're designing innovative spaces for science and technology research, vibrant hubs where functionality meets creativity to foster breakthrough moments. These environments boast cutting-edge labs, flexible workspaces, and a thoughtful blend of modular furniture, all inspiring collaboration and discovery.

Project Types

Boasting cutting-edge design that seamlessly integrates with state-of-the-art technology, these labs prioritize collaborative spaces and modular layouts, fostering innovation and adaptability to support a dynamic research environment.

Purposeful design that prioritizes both functionality and safety, with specialized zones for specific research activities, these labs incorporate advanced ventilation systems, sterile environments, and flexible workspaces, creating a conducive setting for groundbreaking biomedical research.

Optimizing workflow efficiency, ensuring seamless coordination among diagnostic and research processes and equipped with cutting-edge technology, the design of these labs emphasizes precision and compliance with stringent medical standards, fostering a conducive environment for accurate diagnostic and medical advancements.

Integrating specialized testing equipment within a controlled environment to ensure precise and reliable results, these lab layouts prioritize safety protocols, efficient sample handling, and advanced instrumentation, creating a space conducive to rigorous testing and analysis across diverse scientific disciplines.

Offering adaptable layouts and customizable spaces, that can be easily reconfigured to meet evolving research needs, flexible labs enhance collaboration and support scalability and efficiency, allowing seamless integration of new technologies and methodologies within the dynamic landscape of scientific research.

Incorporating flexible layouts and modern amenities, these spaces support effective communication, collaboration, and continuous learning, fostering a conducive environment for scientific innovation and team development.

Project Experience


  • Full Design Services
  • Building Analysis and Assessments
  • Test Fits, Programming, and Feasibility Studies
  • Master Planning, including Space Consolidation Strategies
  • Development of Facility Standards

News & Insights

“AE Works has produced exceptional quality work in terms of using qualified staff to survey the site, prepare the reports, engage with customers about requirements and produce design documents. ”

- National Institutes of Health

Top Laboratory Design and Top Science and Technology Architecture Firm

From our numerous projects with the National Institutes of Health, to nationwide work for the Department of Veteran's Affairs, and the under-construction design of the ALCOSAN Environmental Compliance Facility, we've been recognized by being named to Building Design + Construction's lists for Top Laboratory Design and Top Science and Technology Architecture Firm.

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