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We're reimagining workplaces. From executive offices and open, collaborative workstations to office amenity spaces to attract top talent and support employee engagement, we have the experience to meet the needs of your project.

We’ve worked with regional and national clients on projects in all 50 states.

With an average construction value of $5.5M, our work spans from modernizing office towers to small scale tenant fit-outs.

Re-imagining workplaces post-pandemic creates the opportunity for flexible and collaborative offices built to adapt to the changing needs of businesses.

Thoughtful workplace design significantly influences employee well-being and productivity, enhancing morale, fostering creativity, and contributing to organizational success. We incorporate sustainable strategies such as LEED, biophilic design, and Net Zero Energy to meet your goals and budget, prioritizing daylight, wellness, and indoor environmental quality for an optimal employee experience.

Project Types

We're creating functional and efficient spaces that support productivity among staff members while also considering elements of aesthetics and accessibility.

Our corporate headquarters designs are a blend of functional efficiency and symbolic representation, reflecting the company's brand identity and providing an inspiring workspace for its employees.

Collaborative and open workspace designs aim to foster communication, creativity, and teamwork among employees by creating flexible, shared environments that encourage spontaneous interactions and idea exchange.

We're designing executive office spaces with a combination of sophistication, functionality, and personalized elements in an environment that offers both privacy and opportunities for collaboration.

Our call center designs focus on optimizing ergonomics, acoustics, and technology infrastructure to create a conducive and efficient environment for agents to handle customer inquiries effectively and with minimal distractions.

The design of meeting and training spaces aims to facilitate effective communication and learning through thoughtful layout, comfortable seating, state-of-the-art technology, and adaptable configurations to accommodate various group sizes and activities.

Our designs focus on optimizing space efficiency and ensuring privacy for individual units while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. Attention to communal areas, such as lobbies, courtyards, and shared amenities, fosters a sense of community among residents. Sustainable materials and energy-efficient systems are often incorporated to enhance environmental performance and reduce operating costs.

Through decades of experience, we have witnessed firsthand the evolution of parking facilities from simple vehicle storage buildings to today’s versions that fully incorporate sustainable technologies, advanced energy-saving features and efficient traffic flow patterns. We take great pride in our ability to create parking facilities that are highly functional and efficient, yet greatly enhance their surrounding environments. Our Gold 1 Parking Structure is the first Parksmartsm Gold certified parking structure in the world.

Project Experience


  • Full Design Services
  • Building Analysis and Assessments
  • Test Fits, Programming, and Feasibility Studies
  • Master Planning, including Space Consolidation Strategies
  • Development of Facility Standards

News & Insights

“We were looking for a partner who could design and provide a newly renovated workspace that would support our post-pandemic hybrid office work environment. AE Works helped to deliver a beautiful new state-of-the-art facility. ”

- Keith S. Williams, Director of Property Management Matthews International Corporation

Pittsburgh Business Times' Coolest Offices: Microbac Laboratories

Inspiring staff as they work and visitors with the history of the brand that spans over 50 years, the design for Microbac Laboratory Headquarters shares the company story of growth, innovation, and industry leadership. Coming at an important time in the company’s development, the design vision fosters a culture of transparency, teamwork and staff wellness.

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