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AE Works brings more than 16 years of government project experience for a range of local, state, and federal government agencies including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). We bring depth and diversity of projects from VA Medical Centers to maintenance facilities and public safety facilities to office, cultural, and educational buildings. We're designing the buildings that serve us. 

When we started out 16 years ago, our very first project was for a distinguished government client, marking the genesis of our government practice.

We’ve worked with local, state, and federal clients on projects in all 50 states.

From infrastructure and assessments to full design services and master plans, we've worked on more than 900 government projects across more than 370 locations. 

With an average construction value of $6M, our work spans very large projects to smaller ongoing work.

Balancing aesthetics and functionality, our designs aim to inspire confidence, offer accessibility, and reflect a commitment to civic pride while serving the community. As architects and engineers, we are on a mission to create a better, more efficient, and visually pleasing public service spaces while prioritizing sustainability, energy efficiency, and flexibility.

Project Types

Creating administration and support spaces for government clients necessitates a thoughtful approach that prioritizes functionality and efficiency. Incorporating flexible layouts, modern technology infrastructure, and user-friendly amenities ensures that these spaces foster productivity and enhance the overall experience for both government employees and the citizens they serve.

Our design of healthcare facilities is a critical undertaking, with a balance between functionality, patient comfort, and cutting-edge medical technology. We prioritize flexible layouts, infection control measures, and soothing aesthetics to create environments that enhance the healing process, accommodate evolving healthcare practices, and provide a supportive atmosphere for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Industrial and maintenance facilities require meticulous planning to optimize operational efficiency, workflow, and safety protocols. Our designs integrate durable materials, streamline layouts, and advanced equipment accommodations to create spaces that not only facilitate industrial processes but also prioritize the well-being of workers and the longevity of equipment.

Our engineers are leveraging their expertise to ensure the resilience, sustainability, and efficiency of a building's systems infrastructure, contributing to the overall functionality and longevity of the built environment.

Public safety buildings are designed with a focus on functionality and security, incorporating features such as secure entrances, surveillance systems, and strategic layout to facilitate rapid response. The designs aim to convey a sense of authority and approachability, creating a space that is both reassuring to the public and conducive to the efficient operation of emergency services.

Designs for science and technology buildings foster innovation and collaboration and feature flexible and modular spaces that can adapt to evolving research needs. These structures often prioritize sustainable design, integrating advanced laboratories, cutting-edge technology infrastructure, and collaborative spaces to facilitate interdisciplinary interactions among scientists and technologists.

Project Experience

Our Services

  • Full Design Services
  • Building Analysis and Assessments
  • Test Fits, Programming, and Feasibility Studies
  • Master Planning, including Space Consolidation Strategies
  • Development of Facility Standards

News & Insights

“AE Works provided excellent service on the Southern Beltway Maintenance Facility Project. They consistently met project milestones and was able to handle all aspects of design an construction administration with ease. AE Works has been selected by the commission again to design the Harrison City Maintenance Facility. ”

- Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Government Work Recognition 

  • Top Ranked Firm for Government Projects by Building Design + Construction
  • Architectural Engineering Institute Merit Award for Pennsylvania Turnpike Maintenance Complex
  • Architectural Record 300, Top Architecture Firms
  • ENR Mid-Atlantic, Top Design Firm

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